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Schneider Electric System Integrators are at the pinnacle of the industry. Representing an elite group of engineers who execute projects at the highest level of process automation and control, building management, and secure power.

It’s a chance to climb even higher – become a Stratus System Integrator. benefit from Stratus training, certification, and accreditation to be able to protect your software solutions from unplanned downtime and implement industry leading Edge Computing platform solutions for your end-users.

Additional benefits if you are an existing Schneider Electric System Integrator

Free 1 Year Remote Monitoring Services for ztC Edge
3 Months Free Staging Services for ftServer

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SI Program Benefits Tiers

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EcoXpert Benefits*
Free 1 Year Remote Monitoring Services for ztC Edge*
3 Months Free Staging Services for ftServer*
Qualifying Benefits
Access to PRM for Education
Registered Benefits
Access to Stratus PRM
Discounted Demo Systems
Access to eLearning Tools (ILT paid extra)
Basic Partner Locator Entry
Use of Relevant Stratus Badges & Website Banners
Access to Alliant Group After 1st Project
Certified Benefits
Stratus Marketplace Listing – Enhanced Profile
Advanced Exposure to Roadmap
Sponsorship Opportunities at Stratus Events
Ability to Become Stratus Service Manager
Do Product Installation Without Contracting Stratus or Qualified Channel Partner
Endorsed Benefits
Joint Opportunity Pursuits
Executive Sponsor
Opportunity to Participate in Stratus Marketing Campaigns

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