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Technologies for Energy Transformation

Alewijnse Case Study

How Alewijnse Developed the Maritime Industry’s First Future-Proof Digitalization Platform for Critical Ship Systems and Reduced Computing Footprint 75%.

IT Solutions Designed for the OT World

Lower for longer seems to be a familiar theme these days in the Oil and Gas Industry. Analysts acknowledge that the current state of global demand will continue into 2021. Organizations need to seek out new solutions that will deliver cost improvements in all areas of operations. Technology is the lever that will lead to further optimize all aspects of operations.

Deploy Edge Computing to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The whitepaper discusses Edge Computing platforms and their application in driving operational excellence. With Edge Computing operators have the ability to effectively acquire real-time data to monitor performance and gain real-time insight.

Buckeye Partners Digital Transformation

Buckeye’s Digital transformation objectives were to increase operational efficiency with ease of deployment and management of new applications. With frequent PC failures from environmental issues, Buckeye turned to Stratus to help with their TOPTECH Systems, TMS6 software which is focused on inventory control and Ticketing.

On the Cutting Edge, Streamline Innovations

Peter Photos, CTO with Streamline Innovations at ARC Industry Forum Americas 2021 presented ‘On the Cutting Edge’ about their automation initiatives that resulted in increased efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Columbia Pipeline Group

Columbia Pipleline Group relies on Stratus to help ensure the availability of their infrastructure that transports natural gas to a wide variety of industries.

Edge Computing Optimizes Pipeline Management

Pipeline Technology Podcast sponsored by Pipeline & Gas Journal

Listen to this episode to learn more about why edge computing is a game-changer for the pipeline industry, the main focus of edge computing to collect the appropriate data to support decision-making, the difference between edge devices and edge services, how to use predictive analytics to support critical areas of pipeline management, the future of edge computing in the IoT era, and more topics.

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Edge Solution for Oil and Gas

Combining best practices from both IT and OT, Stratus Edge Computing Platforms provide organizations best in class uptime and availability for upstream and midstream applications.


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ROI of Digital Transformation


Reduction in Labor Costs from estimates!

Upstream Innovations


Estimated savings from Prevention of Unplanned downtime

Controlglobal.com article 2016, Rockwell Automation Fair

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