The secret to improving the operating rate of manufacturing equipment and solving the shortage of maintenance personnel

Commentary on manga

There are many challenges faced by manufacturing equipment manufacturers, one of which is the reduction of management and maintenance load. The burden of management and maintenance work not only increases due to the adoption of new technology and the needs of customers who want to improve the operating rate… However, if you can solve the problem and increase the productivity of the device and keep the competitive advantage? Introduces the secret that brings new value to the business by visualizing the operating status while contributing to the improvement of the business efficiency of the customer.

Isn’t the manufacturing equipment manufacturer called for maintenance today?

Strata Industry (a pseudonym), a metal processing equipment manufacturer, supplies high quality metal processing equipment to customers around the world. These processing devices consisted of multiple units, and each unit had a stand-alone PC to control and monitor it. However, there are various problems such as a huge work load on the company’s engineers who are in charge of application management and maintenance.

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