Simplifying Edge Computing

to Drive Digital Transformation

As industrial technologies become more intelligent, digital transformation (DX) is becoming a practical reality. The path to complete digital transformation is complex – DX technologies are needed at the edge of company networks where there are limited or no IT resources. Whether your industrial applications run in your data center or on the plant floor, you cannot afford for them to be down, or to be too complicated to operate and manage.

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Stratus Edge Computing Solutions Simplify Digital Transformation

Purpose-built solutions are easy to manage, self-protecting OT-class servers with enterprise capabilities.

Stratus offers a simple, cost-effective way to deploy and maintain a continuously available processing environment for your virtualized industrial applications – both in the data center and at the network’s edge. By removing the complexity from digital transformation, we make it easy for you to protect your critical industrial workloads, efficiently manage your systems, and generate insights from operational data.

Optimizing operating performance

Facilitating IT/ OT convergence

Eliminating risk of unplanned downtime



Oil & Gas

Water & Wastewater

Food & Beverage

Power Industries

Life Sciences

Manufacturing & Other

“From the product to positioning to future plans, Stratus is clearly planning to be on the edge for the long term.”


Transformation of the Edge

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