Smart Cities. Smart Railways.

The future is here.

When it Comes to Driving Technology Changes in a Digitised World, Asia Leads by Example.

Enabled by a shared regional vision, and desire to be identified as smart cities, the likes of Hong Kong and Singapore continue to lead change and development in support of their overwhelming population growth. They do this through anticipating tomorrow’s needs of their people, today.

When isolated to the transportation sector, this is seen through the developments in both railway infrastructure and ongoing systems upgrades, that aids the movement of mass commuters, daily.

In this three part blog series, we look to review how smart railways are connecting commuters across Asia’s much loved cities, ensuring they experience a safe and efficient journey, today, tomorrow and in the future.

The future of smart railways across Asia

Are you up to date with how state of the art digital technologies across the globe is changing the way railways operate?
We invite you to read the latest trends that are being adopted across Asia, and forever shaping the commuter experience as we know it.

Navigating the growing complexity and smartness of Asia’s railways

Across the world, Stratus are a key pillar at moving commuters safe and on time. Read here about how our Transportation and Logistics partners rely on Stratus to run critical application and services, that can be rapidly deployed without changes to existing applications.

Getting ready for smart railways

Digital transformation and readiness are changing the way the railway sector operates and are critical for the success of companies operating in and around this sector. As we’ve detailed in the previous blogs in this series, customer experience and safety are core drivers for future success.

Smart Transportation is the future

Smart technologies have become key to how the transport sector operates in Asia, as the region prepares both from an infrastructure and technological standpoint to support burgeoning population growth sustainably and efficiently.

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