Where Do You Fall in The Edge Computing Maturity Model?

How do you reach Hyperconnectivity before your competitors?

The 5 I’s maturity model will explain the steps to get from complete beginner to Edge Computing mastermind.

We are still in learning mode, but as we've become more mature, we've focused less on first trying to identify use cases. When you do that, it's a symptom of trying to limit the risk involved. What's more important is to discover the data and then apply "what-if" scenarios to it.

Mike Carrollvp, Georgia Pacific

The challenge is how to deliver complex enterprise services at the edge. The solution is to establish best practises within the organization and consolidate digital services.

Jason AndersonVP, strategy and business line management

People are being hired as data scientists but they're too often employed as data janitors.

Dave Vaskodirector of advanced technology

The traditional DCS or PLC, with an HMI/SCADA, a historian and maybe an MES is becoming obsolete fast. The cost of the architecture makes it costly to sustain and maintain. Instead we'll have devices in the plant that are provisioned and maintained centrally. We engineer it in the cloud, register the edge device, bind them together, and deploy it, so there is no install anymore.

Tim Sowelldigital portfolio strategy