“Connecting” Factory IoT Data

Data linkage that eliminates load and risk

The existence of “data” is indispensable for the realization of factory IoT (Industrial Internet of Things). At the manufacturing site, there are many production data such as sensors and PLCs that have the potential to create new value by connecting to networks. However, when we try to tackle it, we can see that there are many large obstacles that prevent them. Therefore, in this white paper, we will introduce the issues of IoT data linkage that are common in many manufacturing sites and effective solutions to solve them, along with site case studies.

For example, what are the issues of IoT data linkage that are common in manufacturing sites?

An IoT system that is convenient for predictive maintenance and quality control. How to protect production data from security threats and how to safely and reliably link services is a major issue when starting the factory IoT. And the key to the success of IoT at factories depends on whether or not the “goal” of “I want this to happen” can be clearly imaged by the widespread use of the technology. What is the optimal solution for “connecting” factory IoT data that eliminates construction and operation loads and risks?

In this white paper, we will introduce the techniques for realizing the IoT of factories while eliminating the burden and risks of data linkage.
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