Automation Fair

November 16-17, 2022 | Chicago, IL

Join Stratus to discover the latest in industrial technology innovations at Automation Fair

Zero Downtime from Edge to Enterprise

Together, Stratus Technologies and Rockwell Automation deliver innovative control solutions that deploy quickly, are easily supported by OT personnel, and provide unmatched reliability.

Over our 14 year partnership, thousands of customers in the Rockwell Automation ecosystem have benefited from Stratus platforms that bring modern IT practices including virtualization, thin clients and resilient computing to the edge of industrial networks. Stratus empowers Rockwell Automation distributors, Rockwell Automation System Integrators and VAR/OEMs to deliver complete, cost-effective digital transformation projects.

A unique opportunity to see

PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box which runs Rockwell Automation PlantPAx 5.0 software on Stratus ztC Edge
Stratus Edge Computing Experience (ECX), an immersive environment for OT and IT users to explore the wide range of Edge Computing use cases and applications
Next Generation ztC Edge – ​the industry’s first Edge Computing platform to combine built-in application virtualization and fault tolerance in an easy-to-install, ruggedized design for the industrial edge
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Smart & Secure Digital Transformation: Using the Edge to Modernize Your Control System [PT74]
The Bullwinkle Oil Platform at 1736 ft, was the tallest structure in the USA. In 45 days, QuarterNorth Energy upgraded its controls from 12 apps running on 6 servers into a single node PlantPAx DCS, resulting in 1000% reduced system response time, higher yield and 99.999% downtime free availability.

Session Date/Time/Location:

  • Wednesday 11/16 | 10-11 a.m. (Location: W475B)
  • Thursday 11/17 | 10-11 a.m. (Location: W475B)

Moderator: Theresa Houck, The Journal Executive Editor
Jason Andersen, Vice President, Business Line Management at Stratus Technologies
Eric Belgard, Systems Engineer at Enginuity Global
Michael Kinzel, P.E., CEng, PMP Automation and Controls Engineer at QuarterNorth Energy

From Smart Operations to Digital Transformation [PT31]
Stratus will be joining a panel of Rockwell Automation technology partners Come listen to how our technology partners can help you overcome the challenges associated with a digital transformation and how they can support your digital journey

Session Date/Time/Location:

  • Wednesday 11/16 | 9-10 a.m. (Location: W186C)
  • Thursday 11/17 | 9-10 a.m. (Location: W186C)

Jason Andersen, Vice President, Business Line Management at Stratus Technologies

Here are innovative customers on the fast track to achieving Edge Computing excellence, with a little help from Stratus Technologies

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